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Steve hart Speaks
Steve Hart - Speaker, Magician, Life Coach

“When You Know Who You Are...
Everything Changes.”

Self-Discovery. Self-Management, and Self-Motivation are the secrets to success.

This program will empower your teams to capitalize on their own unique gifts, strengths, and talents. When they know who & what they are, they can quickly utilize their newfound knowledge.

People are gifted with strategic thinking, leadership, vision, enthusiasm, empathy, mediation, and problem solving to name a few.

You'll learn to best fit within a team of other workers.

Knowing your gifts empowers you to reach your peak potential.

This program can be presented as a keynote or as a workshop. The depth of the program depends upon the amount of time available.

"The Enneagram" - Personality Assessment Tool

This is a self-discovery tool which identifies everyone’s perception of life through 9 different core personalities along with their gifts, strengths, compulsions, and fears.

This program reveals each participant's personality type and how you can use it in their personal development. It empowers them to use their unique gifts, and inspires them to pursue their personal development.

It gives them a better understanding how others think and perceive others.

It’s the perfect tool to encourage unity and teamwork.

This workshop can be given within 2-3 hours and extended to 4 hours.

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