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You will be inspired, motivated, informed, educated, and excited!
Steve Hart

Over the last 20+ years...

…I have been training magicians and motivational speakers, teaching them the secrets of success and how to combine magic with a motivational message.

My e-book, several magic lectures, articles, specialized videos, and training manuals have helped numerous entertainers reach their goals.

I am now up-dating all of my training materials which will be available to you here on this Website.

A few of the training resources below are FREE while others are available by purchasing the access to the Training Websites through the Paypal link. I will then send you an email giving you the link and the password to that Website.

Creating New Ideas in Magic

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Video Training Series & Workbook

Every magician is challenged to use their imagination and be creative. This video series will reveal your gift of creativity and how you can profit from it.

You’ll learn the answers to…

  • “How do I know if I’m creative?”
  • “How do I know if my idea is original?”
  • “What is the best way to protect my idea?”
  • “How to price my products for magic distributors?”

With your purchase, I will send you the access links to five training videos and a 16 page workbook pdf.

You will experience the satisfaction of creating a new idea in magic!

Now, for a limited time, I am making this available for only $27.00

Creating New Ideas in Magic - $27

Magician's Money Making Survival Guide

Suitcase full of cash

60 Page Ebook PDF File

Downloadable 60+ page E-book in a PDF file format. You’ll learn these valuable income source information:
  • The Curse!
  • Something Vanished in the Workforce
  • Survival Mode
  • Meeting Your Needs
  • Get the Money
  • Family Pressures
  • Know What You Have to Sell
  • Your Performance Fee
  • Your Strengths
  • Knocking on Doors – Negotiations
  • Your Best Tricks
  • Lost Your Equipment?
  • Selling Used Magic
  • Fast Cash
  • Working Luncheons
  • Relocating
  • Street Performing
  • Turning Pennies into Dollars
  • Restaurant Work
  • Magic and Sales
  • Wholesale Magic
  • Creating New Ideas
  • Education and Magic
  • Where is Your Captive Audience?
  • Prepare for Success
  • Best Kind of Income.
Plus with your purchase I will give you a FREE live coaching session to help you apply the principles in the book. If you are making money performing magic….you need this book!
The Magician's Money Making Survival Guide - $20

Magnify Your Strengths

Demonstration / Motivational Video

Live Motivational Video Presentation for working Magicians. Plus, with your purchase, you’ll receive the FREE link to help you discover your strengths.
Magnify Your Strengths - $27

Prop Up Your Message

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Training Video & Worksheets

How to incorporate props, visual aides, ideas, and other fun stuff to better communicate your message to your audience.
Prop Up Your Message - $17

Position Marketing

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Instructional Video & Workbook

Learn how you can position yourself to make a successful living as a professional magician.
Position Marketing - $27