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Magic Tricks, Routines, and New Ideas...

…are available in my online magic shop. A wide variety of effects, from large stage tricks to close-up routines and more.

There’s even a set of routines with butterflies!

Need an item custom made? Have an idea for a routine? Interested in pre-ordering an upcoming trick? Contact Me to discuss details.

"Watering Can" Botania

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A Steve Hart Creation – Manufactured by Tora Magic

Most magicians perform a botania within 30 seconds and the cost of one is not cheap. Why not turn it into a full comedy routine? The Watering Can Botania is designed to do just that.

You are provided a flower pot and a watering can, which you can pour water out of the can into the pot in your attempt to grow flowers.

After some bits of comedy trying to make it grow you place the watering can on top of the flower pot in frustration. Then you remember a special magic word and when you lift the watering can off of the pot, TA DA! There is a beautiful bouquet of flowers. A total of 18 beautifully crafted feathered blooms.

Vanishing Soda Bottle - 2 Liter Size

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The most talked about trick in my stand-up comedy magic show Produced and Manufactured by Steve Hart

You can make a real 2 Liter bottle of soda disappear. This trick can be done surrounded and in your bathing suit, although I recommend wearing a bit more for your performances. I’m taking orders to custom make bottles. Please choose a dark cola, such as Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Dr Pepper, Root Beer, or RC cola.
Vanishing 2-Liter Soda Bottle - Custom Made - New price $115

Vanishing Traveling Gift Box

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Timely Update for a Classic Routine
Created by Steve Hart

You have a gift and want to hide it from the birthday child. You can’t hide it in your top hat, that’s the first place they’ll look… decide to hide it in the shipping box.

After some by-play of apparently sliding the gift from one side of the cabinet to the other while opening and closing the doors… the audience is sure they know what’s going on.

But when all of the cabinet doors are opened the gift is gone. It magically appears back in the top hat. The gift is opened to reveal a fun surprise.

Yes, it’s time to update the classic Sucker Die Box. Instead of a Die you have a box with a gift inside of it to hide. Today’s audience’s are not as familiar with dice as in years past.

Plus, the Gift Box Cabinet is far more versatile as it allows you to add a gift inside of the box which makes this effect adaptable to any story line or routine.

The Gift Box is 3½” square. The cabinet is about 4½” X 5½” X 9″.

Vanishing Traveling Gift Box - $117

Burnt Shoe Trick Box

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Proven one of the most comical routines for family audiences

The “Burnt Shoe Trick Box” (formally known as Wiz Kote) has been improved and it’s ready to be shipped. It has taken me years to find a new manufacturer who would make the improvements and ship it in a timely manner.

It works just the original box including flashing lights, sound effects, smoke and a smoke alarm . All four doors are now removable for storage and transporting. BUT the big improvement is… it does not use real fire or real smoke.

No More live Fire or Real Smoke! (You no longer have to worry about a Fire Marshal.)
No More mis-fires with a flash pot.

Therefore avoiding any worry of a fire hazard, AND you have full control of delivering the smoke into the box. Also, the fake smoke will set off the smoke alarm inside the box.

Now you no longer have to depend upon a battery powered ignition and a flash to ignite the smoke. No more mis-fires and unplanned embarrassing moments.

You will also notice the box has simple look to it… painted with a durable vinyl cover ready for your customization.

We are now using a piano pin hinge on the doors so you can remove them for storage and transporting the box. Additional Improvements:

  • Lighter weight
  • Solid wood top frame. More durable
  • Side panels now high grade ⅜” plywood
  • Laminated inside on the side panels. Won’t warp, durable, won’t chip or scratch like paint and cleans up easily
  • Vinyl outside design. More durable than paint
SIZE: The largest dimensions are W-38cm L-31.75cm, H-33cm (W-15″, L-12½″, H-13″), When the doors are taken off the height is the only measurement that changes and that is H-15.24cm (H-6″).

The box includes a smoke alarm,but you will have to make your own burnt shoe. Instructions are available in the instructional videos you have access to upon purchase. Also included are four instructional videos explaining it’s operation, set-up and the performance of the Burnt Shoe Trick Box.

And you will have to order the fake smoke from the suggested suppliers. Details are available to you by request. The average cost per unit is $14.00. One unit will give you over 15 performances.

Ultimate Spelling BEE Board

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Grab Their Attention with a Word
The Ultimate Spelling “Bee” Board

Fix that word in their minds. Have the audience magically spell out the word on this board.This is a magic board that can spell any 7-letter word you want your audience to remember. It also includes link to a website of every 7 letter word in the English language.

The Spelling “Bee” Board has been improved. Now you can show the windows in the board blank before you turn it around to have the cards replaced into board.

It comes in both a stage size using jumbo playing cards and small size using regular poker size playing cards. The stage size board is 35″ x 7½”. The jumbo cards are 4½” X 7″, standard jumbo blank face cards from Bicycle.

You will get 14 blank faced cards with your order. Additional cards are available at $2.50 each. Three inch vinyl letters can be found shopping around on the internet.

The small board is 21½” x 3½” which uses regular poker size cards.

The Ultimate Spelling BEE Board - JUMBO Stage Size - $217.00
The Ultimate Spelling BEE Board - Small Size - $127.00

The Wall

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A Mind Boggling Puzzle & Illusion

The Wall is a mind boggling puzzle & illusion. This new version is not only bigger, but it locks itself in place. No more fumbling to hold it together.

The size and the locking allows you to reach into the hole and produce items.

Made of lightweight foam board with a vinyl covering. The bright red brick design is printed on both sides. Comes with a carying bag to help protect it.

Measurements when divided 16″ x 18″ When assembled 16″ x 21½″

Turn Coal into Diamond

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New Improved Version
Created and ProduCed by Steve Hart

Imagine you’re holding a large piece of coal in your hand, tossed to the other hand, then cupped with both hands. Squeeze the coal as you explain that it transforms when under pressure and heat. Wave a lighter under your hand for a brief moment. When you open your hand the coal has turned into a diamond!
Coal to Diamond - $32

Mental Yarn

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Learn to Knit & Read Minds

Show your audience a ball of yarn and instructions on “How To Knit”. An item is selected from the cover of the instruction and the ball of yarn magically changes into the chosen items. (Originally created by Ali Bongo, “Natty Nitting”).
Mental Yarn - $107

Hart Attacks!

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Lecture Notes & Video Links As presented to over 30 magic clubs and conventions, including the Magic Castle in Hollywood

These effects are the ones I have used to make a good living as a professional magician. This lecture includes both close-up and stand up tricks and routines. Here are a few titles of the effects I cover in this lecture:
  • Jumbo Comedy Card Routine
  • Thumb Tip Blendo Routine
  • How to Make a Dye Tube
  • Poor Man’s Vanishing Bottle
  • Headless Rubber Chicken
  • Cardio Gram
  • Magic Penny
  • Jumbo Coin Through the Head
  • Jumbo Coin Vanish
  • Thumbthing Fun-Jardine/Ellis Ring
  • Bulls Eye Surprise
  • Sticker Magic
  • Baseball Cap Loading- Sponge Ball Magic
Hart Attacks Lecture Notes & Video - $17

Blooming Flower

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New & Improved

The blooming flower, a staple of children’s entertainers around the world, always gets great reactions from the kiddos.

However, they are often too small and fragile resulting in smaller reactions and loose bits of feather scattered in your suitcase and/or pockets.

Steve Hart addresses these issues with his updated blooming flower, check the video for details.

Blooming Flower - $37

The Magic Butterfly Packet

Amazement of butterflies

They look like real magic!

Imagine changing a caterpillar into a flying butterfly. Yes, that is what happens. You place a caterpillar into your hand and instantly is changes into a butterfly that really flies up and out of your hand! You get a packet of four Magic-Butterflies and a booklet of instructions on how to make and perform these seven magical effects.
  • Butterfly Restored Torn and restored printed butterfly sheet is restored with the butterfly flying away from the sheet. (A copy of the sheets to perform this effect are included in your instructional booklet.)
  • Bare Hand Transformation A caterpillar placed within you hand suddenly changes into a flying butterfly. (A “WonderWorm” is included in your packet.)
  • Butterflies are Free! Out of a large dollar bill appears several butterflies.
  • Living Pages From the pages of a book the butterflies magically appear.
  • Butterfly Production Several butterflies appear from an empty silk scarf.
  • Magic Box An empty box is filled with flying butterflies.
  • Flying Ace A chosen playing card is revealed by the flying butterfly.

Order extra butterflies for really big effects… click here!

Magic Butterfly Packet - $18.50
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