Wands Magically Appear from Your Greeting Cards!

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The Amazing Appearing Magic Wand!

Hand holding magic wand

Surprise your friends, family, customers, potential clients with a wand that appears by magic when they open your card.

It can also appear from a DVD case, brochure, even under a dinner napkin or plate. It’s a “wanderful” promotion gimmick for your upcoming big sale or event. Perfect for birthday party invitations!

These appearing magic wands are made of mylar which safely springs open when released. When rolled up they’re only 1½ inches long. When opened they’re 14 inches long! The wands can even be used over and over again.

The perfect magical surprise for magic moments!

Simple to set up… just roll the wand along the slit. View the video to see how.

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Appearing Magic Wand